House Dance! Here's the place to talk about house dance: the playas, the moves, the music. Only discussions here! Post your notices in jobs & audition notices, workshops & master classes, and competitions. Peace and respect!

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First Teaching Job? 2
New to dancing --- wanna choose house to start with 8
And on the 3rd year I had the 3rd holy vision of house dance...... 1
New House Dance DVD Available Now!!! 3
house stuff in ventura, ca? 3
House Dance Classes or Events in Albuquerque or Santa Fe? 0
New Place to Talk House 0
So like yeah, I think it might have sunk in... 2
Going to the HDC in New York next month? 5
New to House 3
Bay Area housedancers 2
any workshop or private lessons here in the bay area, san jose? 3
The happenings in NYC... 3
Things in LA.... 1
bebop teachers in la??please let me know 1
How do you do a 'soft roll' when turning? 2
Anyone teaching in DC? 1
The similarities of Capoeira and House dance. 6
Learn How to Dance to House in Australia? 3
The first time I met House Music 1
Probably like the 2000th discussion on "the jack" 2
I hope this isn't too far off topic... 8
Shan S in Hong Kong 0
how sweet it is massive 1
Man oh man doesnt this suck 8

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