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Jazz - General

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WANTED: Pair of basic jazz shoes for women's size 8.5US street shoe 4
Your all-time FAVORITE jazz shoes? 7
First year of dance at school and I have doubts... 1
What are the differences in between the Modern Jazz and the Ballet Jazz? 4
Needing to find darker colored jazz shoes for african american dancers 11
What's your studio like? 9
Rockette Summer Intensive Audition Advice? 0
Name of this flip??? 5
Jazz shoes: same size as street shoe size? 3
Am I doing this move right? (Video link included) 9
Poll Who do you think should win this season of So you think you can dance? 8
I need some advice on a master jazz class. What shoes to wear, What clothes to wear, What to expect? 1
Rhinestones!!! help!!! 3
Dance Masters or DEA? 2
so you think you can dance audition process 0
~Can't Decide!!~ 1
A la seconde turns 2
Poll How many dancers are in classes at your studio (on average)? 4
help with switch center/switch tilt leaps 0
Cutting music! 8
Does anyone know who to do this move Lauren did in My Chick Bad last night on SYTYCD? 2
Paranoia? Or are they legitimate worries? 1
What classes are everyone taking this year and summer ? 15
I want to get back to studio dancing, is it to late? 1
Help with 12 yr. old solo song!!!!! (Need song by end of June!!!) 8

Page 9 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10