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Active Jazz Topics

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What do you do across the floor? 4
Poem about a blind dancer 0
Advanced Beginner, is that possible? 1
Training for multiple turns? 1
How long should a dance be? 8
Reverse Leaps and Axels Help Please 0
Sticky: What the Heck is Jazz Dance? (cross post)
Page1 2
Warm up for lyrical classes! 4
What is this move called? 3
wanted; rg dance mind and body conditioning dvd 0
Feedback before running New Theater Jazz Class in NYC 0
Sticky: The Ultimate Guide to Chosing the Perfect Costume 9
HELP! Need help with costume ideas 1
How could I get into a jazz dance class? 2
Black Dance tights Advice! Please Help !! 2
HELP!! Tips needed to get hyperextended jump in second/ box jump/side leap 1
Tips on tilts and developpes 0
Tips on tilts and developpes 0
Please help my dance studio win best dance studio in our county 0
Audition help please! 1
HELP! Song for a "Chinese" Theme Jazz Dance. 1
I lost my turns in second. I lost them and now I need them back. I have tryouts in starting MoNday 0
jazz shoe fitting question 0
Good song for a jazz duo? 3
What type of dance shoe is this? 7

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