Modern/Contemporary Dance!... is not what you see on MTV or in dance clubs. "Many modern dance techniques are based upon theory such as resisting and succumbing to gravity, initiating movement from different parts of your body, or for example using gravity or contact between two moving bodies to create movement..." Be sure to read What the Heck is Modern Dance? by Calypso. And check out jobs & audition notices, workshops & master classes, and competitions.

Modern Dance - General

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Teaching beginner teens 2
What is the difference between FRESStYLE and MODERN???? 4
taking a modern dance in college, what to expect? 3
I need help picking a song for choreography 3
CD for Graham/modern dance class now available! 0
Erm Modern? 4
modern class warmup ideas 2
Any Tips On Doing A Toe Rise? 4
Contemporary music 0
Modern Dance Syllabi 3
Ten Top Tips for Hacking it as a Pro 0
American Dance Festival 3WS 0
First Horton class 1
Company auditions... by video? 0
What Is Your Favorite Song To Dance To? 1
grade 6 istd 0
What is this step called? 5
Adult modern classes in London/Kent/Surrey 0
Graphic of Modern Dance TREE in a dance magazine 0
Thoughts on a contemporary pointe piece? 7
Dance critique 1
Should I start? Is it worth it? 6
Help With This Kicking Twirling Step 3
Havent taken Modern in to long. 1
Advice for a first timer?! :) 4

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