Modern/Contemporary Dance!... is not what you see on MTV or in dance clubs. "Many modern dance techniques are based upon theory such as resisting and succumbing to gravity, initiating movement from different parts of your body, or for example using gravity or contact between two moving bodies to create movement..." Be sure to read What the Heck is Modern Dance? by Calypso. And check out jobs & audition notices, workshops & master classes, and competitions.

Modern Dance - General

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Having Trouble Understanding Modern Dance- Should I go Back to Ballet? 7
Senior Solo all around help! 5
Help with music asap pleeeeease!! 1
Getting back into the swing of things in Seattle 5
anyone know a good modern warmup dvd?! 4
mental blocks 4
Hi! I will be doing modern for the first time for a scholarship. 4
Senior Solo all around help! 0
Early 20th Century Choreographers 3
What is your favorite contemporary dance ever performed on So You Think You Can Dance? 8
What is your favorite modern dance technique? 15
Summer Intensives 1
Need a contemporary song for a 20+ girl 5
Ballet, Tap n Modern Festivals n comps help please! xx 0
Good Release Technique Teachers in New York City 1
I need help with my GCSE dance 1
Choreography Software 2
London School of Contemporary Dance 1
Thinking about running a modern class at my gym 2
Isadora software 3
How to convey a concept in a dance 4
How Do You Explain Modern Dance To Parents 3
What is your favourite contemporary company? 5
Hide and Seek- Emotion? 3
Help me choose which colour unitard?! 11

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