Modern/Contemporary Dance!... is not what you see on MTV or in dance clubs. "Many modern dance techniques are based upon theory such as resisting and succumbing to gravity, initiating movement from different parts of your body, or for example using gravity or contact between two moving bodies to create movement..." Be sure to read What the Heck is Modern Dance? by Calypso. And check out jobs & audition notices, workshops & master classes, and competitions.

Modern Dance - General

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How do you know what type of dancer you are? 7
Music ideas 1
Advice Needed! Going for a BFA in Dance? 5
Costumes for a trio dance? 4
alvin ailey summer intensive level 3
American Dance Festival Four Week Summer Program 4
What do you do across the floor in your modern/contemporary classes? 14
Harsh Critique from Dance Teacher- Ouch, =[ 13
I'm out of control, need some opinions on what to do about a ballet class 3
I'm not sure if I like modern, should I carry on with lessons? 4
Kazuo Ohno, obituary link 1
General Tips for Modern? 1
An Australian in New York! Summer Intensive HELP!!! :) 3
Choreography help- Jungle rhythm 1
Writing a paper on Modern Dance. Help? 10
Rambert School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help needed 1
First time choreographing 6
Need costume ideas- quickly! lol 2
Instrumental Dance Solo 1
Please help NEED ideas!! 3
Hate When the Modern Dance Board Dies 6
What to eat the week of & before a performance? 1
Intermediate ISTD modern? 3
Dance classes in S.F. 2
laban technique 9

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