Modern/Contemporary Dance!... is not what you see on MTV or in dance clubs. "Many modern dance techniques are based upon theory such as resisting and succumbing to gravity, initiating movement from different parts of your body, or for example using gravity or contact between two moving bodies to create movement..." Be sure to read What the Heck is Modern Dance? by Calypso. And check out jobs & audition notices, workshops & master classes, and competitions.

Modern Dance - General

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Baby dance 3
Modern dance summer intensives? 13
Poll Are you a modern dancer or a ballet dancer who also takes modern? 22
Girl in my class gives other students corrections... VENT! 16
HELP anyone know any tricks that can be used in a dance to "Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire? 5
Foot Roll? 5
I need a modren dance class 2
I love FootUndeez 4
I have no rhythm! :( 2
Help! Painful "Foot Thongs" 8
Back Articulation 1
Modern dance syllabus or terms 1
modern lifts for girls 16
Peridance Summer Intensive 2
NYU Summer Dance Festival or American Dance Festival 1
HELP PLEASE! Compiling a list of dance classes within 30 mile radius of Crawley. West Sussex 0
Stories to tell 2
First class question 1
Purple Rain Costume Help 3
modern songs- please help 2
To much ballet. ugh 8
Explain Post Modern? 3
Finding your right style 6
MUSIC!!! 9
Are you from Beaufort or surrounding areas? 0

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