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Discuss philosophical issues here. Please post and discuss religious topics on the new religion board. The rules of the debate board apply to this board. Strictly no personal attacks will be permitted.


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Can you define this word? 24
The Power of Now 1
Poll Are you fiction or nonfiction? 1
Poll are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes? 22
Inspirational Quotes 7
If you could know the exact date of your death... 19
It's World Philosophy Day! 0
I f a tree falls in the woods and no ones there ... will it make a sound?
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Can love only last forever, if it isn't returned? 3
Are we all just a bunch of rocks? 4
Anyone else have dreams like this? 2
Who has a recurring dream? 23
Date for your death? 14
Yet another dreams thread... but a bit different... 23
Does society play a role in our lives?... 5
Strange Experiences. Is it Supernatural? 1
Different way of looking at life. Something from a few years ago. 2
Inky Blackness All Around - A true story based on a recurring dream 3
Life and Dreams are both different dimensions? 4
Philosophy courses at university. 3
Dreams arent true are they?! 22
Wait...I've seen this before...?? 16
More supernatural experiences!! 9
Not 100% sure if this belongs here..'Racism' 8
Grey's Anatomy is is BACK 0

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