Art of Photography: Post your artistic or amateur photographs and discuss ways of improving your art. NOTE: You may only post photos that you yourself have taken. Do not post pictures of yourself! (Try the Photos - Members forum.) Do not post another photographer's work without getting permission first. Be prepared to give and receive constructive criticism. Also, give us specs on the camera, film, and technique. Tell us why the photo is important.

Photography - Artistic

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Photoshoot in a flowerbed 10 images 2
After all that hardwork on the house...time for artistic pictures 8
New photography! its been a while! 10
Cute kids! This will make you saw "aw!" 7
Some photos of my little cousin i took :) 2
Rebel XTi or Rebel XSi, which one is a better camera? 2 images 9
Any help? 3
Beelitz Heilstätten, an abandoned russian hospital 13
Photography Assignment - Dance 17
I'm very interested.... I need help finding a camera :) 2
My first time posting pictures. Critisism very welcomed! 3 images 0
Some windsurfing photos 0
Some Of My Photographs. 3
Tips on Photographing Fireworks 8
Trying to figure out self portraits... 3
Some vacation pictures- v, amateur (ignore first pic) 4
Blurry Photographs in Mirrors 8
DC Architecture (Most of These Taken in a Moving Car...) 1
Some Old & Relatively New Photos *Image Heavy* 3
Some deep memories.. 9 images 2
I just got a Canon PowerShot SD1100 2
Some of my own 7 images 6
Help me choose an Urban photograph........ 9
Final Photography images 4 images 1
Artistic Pictures from Our 6th Wedding Anniversary Celebration 2

Page 10 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10