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Politics & Current Affairs

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One Year Later....Your Thoughts? 2
Monsanto and Bayer are Maneuvering to Take Over the Cannabis Industry 6
U.S. Presidential Election-Who Will Win?
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Texas suspends over a million driver's licenses 5
End TSA now - THIS now. 1
It's time to examine the data, not the speaker. 4
Germanwings Flight 9525 pilot had recent drug history 6
LaVoy Finicum Murder - what really happened. 0
Don't let Supreme Court news distract you from the FDA appointment. 0
Conservatives, send Joaquin back across the border [grin]. 0
Soldier killed in the line of duty in Canada. 4
Yet again a DC ballot measure to legalize pot 2
Media really puts hoof in mouth. 2
The last VW van rolls off the assembly. 0
Illinois FINALLY did something right. 2 images 5
President Barack Obama just delivered what might be the quote of the year. 17
How would you lower the national debt and help balance the budget if it were up to you? 17
Recovery, nothing! US's second largest employer is a temporary agency. 3
DOMA struck down. 15
Ted Cruz: Obama administration does not respect First, Second, Fourth or Fifth Amendments 2
Minnesota House Votes To Legalize Gay Marriage 2
Everyone in Texas ok? 23
Boston Marathon Explosion
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CISPA Cybersecurity bill passes House of Representatives. 1
Guns allowed in college
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