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Politics & Current Affairs

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Haiti and New Orleans 4
Poll Who Will Win the "Kennedy Seat" in MA? 4
Amanda Simpson Makes History-First Transgender Presidential Appointee
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2-year-old Haitian girl rescued (by my friend's hubby) 2
President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech 5
Please text "Haiti" to 90999 0
Ted Olson - The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage 7
The Story of Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach....do you guys know it?, and what are your thoughts? 15
Kid refuses to say the pledge for his beliefs. 18
5 Buried Alive in Pakistan 8
A heartbreaking loss for Maine, and the LGBT Community.....
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Obama's Afghanistan Strategies; Pull out by 2011 1
Will you please donate to the UNICEF ? 2
Water found on the moon! 5
US President Barack Obama Win the Nobel Peace Prize
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Offical "Amanda Knox Murder Case and Trial" Thread....Discussions WELCOME! 0
Politically Left/Right
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So who knows anything about Australian politics?
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Pop Quiz! 5
Obama Spoke at the HRC Dinner last night....your thoughts? 7
JFKs stance on gay rights? Did he have one? 4
Editorial mentioning England and Canada...opinions and explanations, please! 20
Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize 1
Rising gun crime in UK and USA
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"Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There is a Better Way for Africa" - Dambisa Moya 6

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