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Politics & Current Affairs

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Libya "vs." Switzerland 0
Scotland's release of one of the Lockerbie Bombers....Right thing to do? Or bad call?
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Ted Kennedy 16
Health Care Reform
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Obama's Daughters in Ads 7
The Media Vs. Politics 3
Sudanese woman to dare court over flogging 8
2 American journalists sentenced to 12 years in North Korean labor prison: thoughts? 10
Which currencies are doing well at the moment? 3
Sarah Palins Parting Words in her "Good-Bye" Speach, and Bashing the Media. 1
Abortion Doctor Shot To Death In Church 10
Democract, Republican, or Indepadant.....Which one are you?!?!? and Why do you like your party?!?!?! 21
Norm Coleman concedes to Al Franken! 6
Sarah Palin Stepping Down As Governor
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Parents will not reveal childs gender
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Former Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney Held Hostage In Israel 2
The fight for Democracy in Iran 2 images 7
North Korea Threat To Fire Missles At Hawaii on July 4
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BNP wins two European Parliament seats 9
Anti-discrimination ad pulled from TV ***WARNING Do not read if easily offended**** 8
Prop. 8 upheld by California Supreme Court 19
Guantanamo Bay post mortem procedures? 3
High five, New Hampshire! 4
Abortion? Is Obama really going to pass a law allowing murder?
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President Obama's Notre Dame Commencement Speech 9

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