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Politics & Current Affairs

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So, uh, Brits? I have a question.
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Iowa Supreme Court Finds Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional
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Maine FTW 11
taxes! 16
"Because there is no POTUS without TOTUS" 2 images 0
President Obama Meets The Queen Of England 1
NSA illegally spied on American citizens 9
New Mexico FTW 4
American Government Paper 4
This is why guns are good. 21
How are we aiding other countries when we can't take care of ourselves? (not a debate) 10
Anyone watch Obama's address to Congress tonight? 1
Can someone please explain 4
Stimulus Package.....what the heck is in it anyway???? 7
Illinois Governor Arrested!
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Confused about the taking money from the Rich.
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Schwarzenegger wants to go foward with the "green machines" but what about for the stogies? 2
Another tragedy at Virginia Tech 0
Where's Dick Cheney?
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How does a state go bankrupt? 4
Miracle on the Hudson River 13
Isreal and Hammas? Pakistan and India?
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Fred Thompson's 'Chat' about the Economy. "Ask not what your country can spend for you, but..." 5
Switzerland subsidizes heroin addiction but not marijuana? What's that about? 10
How do you feel about the possible Coalition Government? 5

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