Politics & Current Affairs: Here's the place to discuss politics and world affairs. DDN's international membership will provide us with unique insights into other countries' governments. Topics do not necessarily need to be "debatable," just topical and relevant. Courtesy and respect for your fellow participants required: Name calling will not be tolerated!

Politics & Current Affairs

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All the exceptions made for this election
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This made me laugh (something on the lighter side) 0
The Obama Tapes
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Poll DDN Mock US Presidential Election!
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Blog by Meghan McCain 3
McCain/Palin "Halloween" Display 18
Representative Democracy: GET OUT AND VOTE. 7
So, What is My Take ofnThis Election 0
How low can you go? 5
The election is less than a week away....and I STILL have NO IDEA who I am voting for. :?
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Still pro-Obama? How do you feel about his BAIPA votes? Or his DOCUMENTED history as a Muslim?
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North Korea's leader is still alive. 1
Can anyone in the 30 and under age group please explain to me how John McCain will represent YOU?
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Poll Do our individual votes count? What do you think? 5
Can somebody please explain being anti-gay marriage to me?
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Okay, I can't resist. 14
What on earth is the world coming to? Skinhead plot to assassinate Obama?!
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Why I do not vote Democrat
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Poll Do you plan on voting in the upcoming US Election?
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You Can Vote However You Like (video) 0
Julian King's Missing Report 5 images 6
Great website for anyone (especially young people) who want to talk about the election 0
Oh enough "Palin" how about a some talk on US health care and the Presidential campaign??
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Fannie Freddie Crisis Largely the Fault of Democrats. 21
AWESOME: I WANT a Witch hunt!!! 2

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