Markup Codes (Limit of 50--Please don't overdo colors!)
  • [b]bold[/b] becomes bold
  • [i]italics[/i] becomes italics
  • [u]underline[/u] becomes underline
  • [strike]strike-through[/strike] becomes strike-through
  • [code]monospace[/code] becomes monospace
  • [sup]superscript[/sup] and [sub]subscript[/sub] becomes superscript and subscript
  • [color=blue]blue text[/color] becomes blue text
  • [size=18]big[/size], [size=22]bigger[/size], and [size=30]even bigger[/size] text becomes big, bigger, and even bigger
  • [hl=yellow]yellow highlighted text[/hl] becomes yellow highlighted text
  • [hl=white,green]white letters with green highlight[/hl] becomes white letters with green highlight
  • [hl=#FE480A,#223344]HTML RGB codes work, too![/hl] becomes HTML RGB codes work, too!
  • [big]Big Text[/big] becomes Big Text
  • [q]a big quote[/q] becomes
    a big quote
  • [q=Somebody]some quoted text[/q] becomes
    Somebody wrote:

    some quoted text
  • [quote] and [blockquote] are the same, but [q] is faster to type.
  • Any web links beginning with "http://" or "www" like or will automatically be clickable and open a new window: or
  • [url=]A link to[/url] becomes A link to
  • [image=] embeds (or "hot links") remote images. The remote image must reside on another web server.
  • [img][/img] also embeds (or "hot links") remote images
    Please get permission from the remote webmaster first before hot-linking. Also, some free hosting providers like Yahoo Geocities do not permit image hot linking.
  • [spoiler]some hidden text[/spoiler] becomes
    Spoiler: Show
    some hidden text
  • [list][li]List item[/li][li]Another list item[/li][li]And yet another list item[/li][/list] becomes
    • List item
    • Another list item
    • And yet another list item
  • [list=][li]An ordered list item[/li][li]Another ordered list item[/li][li]And yet another ordered list item[/li][/list] becomes
    1. An ordered list item
    2. Another ordered list item
    3. And yet another ordered list item
  • Embed video with [youtube]youtube-id[/youtube] for Youtube, or [gvideo]google-video-id[/gvideo] for Google Video
  • Smileys or emoticons (put a space before each smiley)
    :) :) or [happy]
    :( :( or [sad]
    :D :D or [grin]
    :O :O or [surprised]
    ;) ;) or [wink]
    :C :C or [cry]
    :? :? or [confused] or [?]
    :] :] or [joy]
    :P :P or [tongue]


  • Do not put any spaces inside the open square bracket "[" or the close square brackets "]"
  • Do not use parentheses, only square brackets for the markup commands.
  • Put a space before each smiley or it won't work.
  • You can use the hexadecimal value or the name of the color with the highlight [hl] or [color] markups.