Discuss religious issues here. This is the one board where people may post and discuss religious topics. The rules of the debate board apply to this board. Strictly no personal attacks will be permitted. If civil debates about the origins of mankind or existence of God offend you, please avoid this board.


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A church survey
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PrayerRequest (I did use the sticky but the last time someone posted was 2009) 1
The Deaths of the Apostles 7
Meditation...what's your favorite music? 10
stronger relationship with God 6
Should I feel like a hypocrite? 17
Shabbat shalom! 3
Anyone else disturbed by the idea of a Good Friday Potluck? 9
I dont know if i have what it takes to be Christian 17
As a Christian, is it bad that this is happening??? 11
Curious about the churchs view is on this. 18
Polygamist Cult 18
Going back to the Church? What do I do now? 13
Adultery causes earthquakes. 5
A prayer for the ignorant. Newspeak. Version One. 5
Good Friday 5
What to do during communion? 6
Palm Sunday & The Passion? GAH. Holy week is out of order...? 7
Did anyone else know that since today is the feast of St. Joseph Catholics can have meat? 7
Please don't attack me....but dinosaurs/ evolution?
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Issues with Atheists/Agnostics...advice or support, please! 17
Can you be a Lapsed Jew? 7
I like a devoted Christian boy, but I'm agnostic. 8
Shavua Tov! 8
This is really just a question out of sheer curiousity 15

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