What are private messages (PM)?

Private messages are little notes that you can send to a member of this site. No one but the recipient is able to read his/her private messages. New members can't send PMs, but they can still reply to any they receive.

Whenever you read a comment by someone else, you can click on the "PM" button to send the author a private message.

You can also send a PM from any member's profile screen. Click on "Send Private Message to name" when viewing a member's profile.

You can also search for a specific member by using the Search Member option on the Members>Search page. Once found, you are presented with that member's profile.

Members are sent an email to inform them of new private messages if they have enabled this option. If you wish, this PM email notification option can be disabled in your Settings page.

In order to send a PM, you must be a full member. This allows members a chance to get to know you before replying to any PMs.