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Sticky: "OH NOES!! COULD I BE PREGNANT IF?!" A definitive guide to the chances of pregnancy. 14
Sticky: Go To The Doctor! 5
Sticky: This board is held to the same standards as all other boards on DDN 4
Sticky: Do not use this forum to attack a member or a group of members 7
Sticky: A Quick Intro (READ FIRST!)
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Sticky: This is a PG-13 forum! 5
Sticky: Just a quick note on editing your posts - 2
Not sure if the guy I'm interested in is actually single or not. 5
Texting work colleague 10
Time to quit dancing? 14
20 weeks pregnant and feel like my dance teacher is bullying me 4
Anxious about getting in trouble with parents over TV show 1
Feeling devastated after leaving depressed best friend 2
Information on FMLA 1
Name-calling in relationship 6
Teacher Student Interaction 2
I feel lost and stupid. 2
Coversation with friend about social topic that now has me feeling all kinds of confusing anger. 1
Boss not calling back 1
losing a soulmate 2
Caught out 1
After-Abortion **trigger warning?** 1
some bad stuff happened over a year ago.... 1
They are kind to me, but I feel bad not wanting to be friends with them. 4
I'm a school teacher and I can't cope any longer 6

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