Secrets PG-13

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You all told me to leave, I did. 12
My own birthday makes me miserable. Advice? 8
Can't agree on money with my boyfriend 14
Dilemma... what should I do? 9
How much is too much 1
Being randomly asked out after abusive marriage and feeling bad about saying no 3
abusing animals--scared and need to get it off my chest 1
When should I give him some space? 0
Should brother disclose diagnosis for job application? 2
I'm so SICK of no one talking about what depression/anxitey does to the spouses of those affected 16
Need dating advice. 2
Friend is acting jealous over my new job and etc 0
Should I go to this party? 9
How can I nudge my boyfriend to improve his hygiene? 8
My boyfriend asked me to not apply for a job I want to apply for 11
How do you walk away and stay away? 15
I want a baby. 17
should I talk to my crush? 6
New job opportunity with less pay 11
Misscarriage aftermath 13
Does anyone besides me troll gift? 2
Should tell my boss I'm leaving? 10
Problems with husband. I want a divorce. 7
Armpit lump. 5
Is it possible to be addicted to unhappiness? 7

Page 4 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10