Secrets PG-13

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I have rage against my father, I'm despicable, and it's scaring me. 15
Not sure what is wrong with me when it comes to relationships 2
Facebook. Guh. 1
please tell me i'm doing the right thing... 3
My friend is talking about taking his own life. 7
Anyone else get frustrated buying gifts for their SO? 9
I was verbally abusive and rough with my drunk fiance and now I feel terrible. 6
Calorie intake (could be triggering) 8
Not sure if this is my fault, and can anyone explain what happened? 2
Does this guy think I'm a total weirdo now? 4
Does this count as queer? 5
Should I start using tampons? 12
Should I tell my Bf about the extreme flirting? 22
Mom cheating on dad. Don't respect her anymore - thoughts? 5
...just want this out there. Pretty sure I hate my MIL. 5
Online date, possibly overly generous.... a few days at most 5
Seriously discouraged right now 2
BF sharing hotel room with female friend. Issue? 8
Underage sex appeal? 3
I can't hold my bladder while jumping rope! 3
Is this sexual abuse? 3
Boyfriend buying female friend bikini for Christmas. 16
Need an attorney but someone I know works in the office 2
My parents insist on humiliating me and it's really getting creepy. 4
should i propose, or just walk away? (long post) 11

Page 7 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10