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Linh taught hip hop dance to kids, teens, and adults for over six years. He is an original member of the Millennium 2000 and Motion Underground theatrical dance troupes based in Boulder, Colorado. Linh has a degree in computer science, founded in 1996, and programmed the original site from scratch. In addition to dance, Linh enjoys photography and photojournalism, flying, theater, acting, singing, and directing independent movies.
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Hummingbird was four when she started dancing, she comes from a long line of theatrical performers, her mother was a ballet dancer, her grandmother was an opera singer and her great grandfather was a circus performer and fairground parader turned actor, as was his father. So she has grease paint instead of blood :)

She passed all of her RAD children's exams, then went on to study the...
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Hi! I'm Maggie. :) I'm originally from the south west coast of Florida but now live outside of Baltimore/ Washington DC.

After graduating High School I enlisted into the US Army and eventually ended up here in the DC Baltmore area. Currently I'm working for a small defense contractor supporting one of the many Defense agencies in this area as a Cyber Security analyst.

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Lirit began dancing at the age of 3. She started in a toddler combo class, but eventually studied ballet (Vaganova technique), contemporary, jazz, tap, and modern (Graham technique).

Although her first love was, and always will be, ballet, her true passion was her discovery of musical theater when she was 6. She started singing and acting shortly thereafter. She has sung in Carnegie Hall and has acted professionally in a handful of Regional houses across the US.
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Hello! I am Sumayah and I began taking ballet lessons at 10 years old. I trained primarily in the RAD style, though never officially tested. After much training and dancing locally, I went to college and majored in dance with a focus on kinesiology.

I began by assisting classes in 1999 and developed a love of tap and began pursuing my tap education at that point. Within two years I was a full teacher with certification in ballet from a state based dance accreditation group...
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Tjos os a staff bop
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