What is Karma?

Karma is a measure of your good-will or reputation as determined by others and yourself. You get karma by posting informative, humorous, or thoughtful comments. People who enjoy your comments give you karma points by clicking on the rate+ button.

Only full members can give out karma. Every day, full members get a fresh supply of karma ("daily karma") that they can give out to people. The more karma you have, the more you can give out each day! If you don't give out all your daily karma each day, that karma is gone for good.

Also, awarding karma by clicking on the rate+ button will add that post to your favorites list and award that member karma. When viewing a member's profile, you can see his or her favorites list, which comments were liked, and which were disliked.

TIP: Rate comments honestly and you can boost your own karma. If you constantly contradict ratings given by high karma members (including moderators), your ratings will become meaningless and your karma will suffer.

NOTE: The karma numbers you see now are raw numbers that have not been processed. They represent the sum of what others have given you. The adjusted karma number is more important and will take into account how much karma you have given others and how accurately you rate other comments. The raw numbers will be augmented soon by the adjusted numbers!

WARNING: Creating multiple accounts and using them to karmatize yourself is against the rules. Abusing karma will result in zeroing out of your karma or a ban of your account.

What does the moon mean?

The moon is awarded based on the amount of karma you received:

awarded after 5 karma
awarded after 25 karma
awarded after 50 karma
awarded after 100 karma
awarded after 500 karma
awarded after 1000 karma

You must be registered to start collecting karma.

TIP: Copying and pasting something verbatim (word for word) from the Internet solely to obtain more karma is highly frowned upon! If possible, please paraphrase or write something original. Always provide the link to the original material and never take credit for something you didn't write or create.