What is a salute and how do I get the salute "eye" icon?

The salute icon:

This site has enabled the salute feature.

If enabled, a salute is a way to verify your visual identity to members of dance.net. The Internet is anonymous by nature and it is easy to pretend to be someone you're not.

To combat trolls, posers, and fakers, you can post a salute on a special salute board.

A salute photo must have four visual elements to be approved:

  • It must clearly show your face without any obstructions
  • In the photo, you must hold up a note that reads "dance.net" followed by your screen name here.
  • The hand holding the note must be clearly visible.
  • The note must be handwritten on lined paper.
And other than cropping, you should not digitally alter the photo in any way.

After you've posted a salute and if approved, a moderator will give you the salute "Eye" icon.