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Acro Dance with a different theme 1
Pre professional ballet company requirements 1
New Business Seeking Local teacher in around Seattle to Vancouver 1
Multi Genre Music Help Needed! 0
Need song for a homeless theme lyrical dance age 8-10 8
I can't get over my box(pointe shoes) what's wrong?? 0
Group jazz song needed please help 1
Acro teacher wanted 0
Brag. A pinch of humble brag. But mostly brag. :D 2
Brand New Teacher! (ME) 5
Trying to decide on a Solo costume 3
Gymnastic coaches in Dallas, TX 0
Acro Class Ideas 3
Hiphop! 1
Songs for contemporary addiction piece? 4
New Business Looking for Local Teacher around Seattle and Vancouver 0
New Business Looking for Local passionate Teacher around Seattle and Vancouver 0
Need non-craft ideas for Princess-themed camp 0
Starting a musical theater class 3
Ballet Floor Barre lessons 0
Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo in Las Vegas August 1-4 0
Seeking donations of costumes for dance students in India- I will pay for shipping to US address 0
When Velma Takes The Stand 5
Looking for links to videos of two styles of dance in one routine 1
Tampa Dance Studio Closing... EVERYTHING MUST GO! 0

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