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Karma for photos now allowed 3
What happened to the layout? Can't see anything on moblie... 2 images 4
Where is our leader? 21
Got a blue star to match my blue moon 3
Dance Instructors Needed! 0
help ukrainian tap dancers 0
New Member Needs Help 1
Any word on when the site issues will be fixed?
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search feature not working? 8
huge pop up ads 10
I'm feeling very ignored by my dance teacher and I'm not sure what to do... 3
Video ads are making the site nearly unusable. 8
Can I have my accOut deleted or my mobile number removed from my advert please? 1
A New Canadian Citizen! 5
PLEASE DELETE/CLOSE this account 14
I Want to switch from Cecchetti to RAD... good idea? 1
Winter Dance Recital! 0
Does search function work? 4
anyone else noticing DDN is a little wonky lately? 13
The Hot Board 9
How do I access a PM? 1
Search function still doesn't work. 2
Anomalous Behavior of the "Hot" Page. 1
Is chat gone? 2
What's going on with DDN? 2

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