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By Dancerocksmysox1 Comments: 1, member since Wed Nov 07, 2012
On Thu Nov 08, 2012 02:43 AM

Hi! I have never taken a formal partnering class however I have been lifted a few times and am comfortable with lifts where my upper body is supported (i.e. Being caught at the waist, and being lifted up so my back is laying on my partner's shoulder). However when it comes to lifts where I have to hold my upper body, I start to freak out in my stomach and I hyperventilate. Just yesterday during rehearsal with a professional company at my studio that I am apprenticing with, I was chosen as the lifted partner for a contemporary ballet because of my petite size. The lift involves me being flipped up and onto the back of my parner and balance with my thighs gripping their sides as I hold my back up in an arch. My parter is a girl however so I needed to help her bring me up but I couldnt figure out how to push up.

I tried it with the lead and He flipped me right up but I had a hard time holding my back and I got that feeling again and clung to his shoulders with my hands. I know it is a fear thing but i'm willing to get over it so I can perform at m best but I can't seem to hold my core and thats why I get wobbly and freak out. I at first assumed it was strength thing so I upped my daily 200 crunches to 300 the first time I was lifted and I had trouble but I talked to my teacher and she said I am more than strong enough to hold myself I just have to engage but I don't know how to. I'm guessing its a different engage then the engage to do turns and balance because I have excellent balance and I can do 6 and 7 turns consecutively on each leg. Please help me with this somebody.

It's chewing me up inside because I can't get this. One of the guys refuses to lift me at all, even for simple lifts because I'm a "bad" partner and they all seem to be able to get it except for me and it's frustrating. I don't want to injure anyone or get injured because I understand that its a two way streak. Please Help!!!

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By funkiejmember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 1490, member since Mon Sep 09, 2002
On Sat Nov 10, 2012 03:47 PM
have you read the stickies in this forum? there may be some elementary comments there, but I find it useful to reread these to remind myself occasionally.

maybe you can find some private time to work with a partner on these lifts. sounds like you have the will and the ability, but you need more time. apprenticing is about making you strong enough for future endeavors; ask someone you work with for some private help. :) good luck!