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i know my story idea is really just a fan fic, but how can i make it my own?
By Jaffah
On Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:27 PM

so, i've got this amazing idea for a novel, but it's technically fan fiction.
it's based off an idea in Doctor Who - the lone centurion (being Rory Williams).
I have NO intentions of even mentioning the Doctor, Time Lords, the TARDIS, or anything Doctor Who related except Amy, Rory and the Pandorica.

i get it - the whole Centurion waiting 2000 years for his lover that is trapped in the Pandorica is a pretty big thing to take from a show... i also understand that i cannot even consider publishing it, because of it's strong influence from the show.

so, please, do not start harassing me about it. i AM FULLY AWARE of the copyright and all that!

but, i LOVE the idea with all my heart - i have a tonne of reading material on Roman history, and so i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how i can change the story to make it more like my own??

I was intending on making it all historically accurate (well, as much as I can) – the rise and fall of Rome, etc.

okay, so it's going to be hard... i like the idea of having them as Romans, his lover going into a Pandorica (or some sort of prison where time is irrelevant and has some sort of magical/God-like qualities), and him staying by her for 2000 (this amount of time can easily be changed) years (he's been zapped by energy and doesn't age either). Then having her emerge in the 21st century and having her struggle to adjust to the current times (something I was hoping to extend over 2 novels – having the first one from his POV about his times waiting for her, and the second one about her struggling to fit into modern society. Although she finds that she can speak English [a quality that the Pandorica/prison instils in her], that’s the only thing that she grasps – technology, electricity, etc are all so strange to her and she struggles)

I mean, I’m happy to create entirely new characters – new looks, new personalities, new names etc, but I think it’s still going to be too copy/fan fic like... The things that I don’t know how to change are things like: The Pandorica/prison, the Roman factor, the centurion that waited.

Are the above mentioned factors going to be the ultimate decider in whether my work is fan fic/copying, or something of my own work/using that original idea for inspiration?

So, does anyone know of how I can change this to make it my own?

If I can’t come up with a suitable way to change it, then I’m still going to write it, just as a personal project. I think it’ll still be good practise, attempting to write something that’s novel length, but that doesn’t just drone out into nothingness by the end.

And I mean, I have another project that my friend and I have recognised as being almost entirely mine. (I won’t go into details now) This idea actually came from a completely ruined drawing that I did... it was supposed to be a frog, then a lizard, and it ended up as a jumbled mess... I came across it a year or two later (earlier this year), and this marvellous idea just came into my mind of an adventure revolving around this creature (well, sort of revolving around this creature)

Thanks guys :)

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re: i know my story idea is really just a fan fic, but how can i make it my own? (karma: 1)
By Theresamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sat Nov 24, 2012 06:21 PM
You may as well just own the idea that you're making a fanfic and go with it. There's no doubt countless numbers of websites that would be all too happy to publish it for you and let people enjoy your work. I wrote a few fanfic pieces back in the day, there's entire websites dedicated to them. And Doctor Who no less?! I just googled "Where can I publish my Doctor Who fanfic" and got 1.44 million hits. The Doctor Who archive at has 425,000 stories just by itself. You won't be able to make a book out of it - actually, what am I saying?! That's what 50 Shades of Grey is. Fanfic. So go for it.


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