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Winners of the 6th Annual DDN Karaoke Contest! (karma: 6)
By panicmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 11592, member since Thu Dec 16, 2004
On Tue Dec 18, 2012 12:09 PM

I have to say, all the entries this year were terrific. I so enjoyed hosting the contest. Every year I'm totally blown away by one entry. Last year, I thought Heart's performance was really outstanding. Which made me feel dirty. But this year, I actually thought TWO performances were exceptional. And I liked them both for the same reason - song selection. These two singers picked songs that accentuated both the most unusual and the best features of their voices. So without further ado... The winners.

In first place, dancerchick012 with If I Were A Bell
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What can I say about this one? It was a great choice for your beautiful voice. But I suspect you already knew that. On the off chance this was the first time you ever sang this song, you need to add it to your repertoire. Because if I were casting Guys and Dolls, YOU'D BE HIRED! Congratulations.

In second place, DefyingGravity with Hallelujah
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I didn't think you were going to hit those low notes, but you NAILED them. Like wow. I understood where you were going with this song, and I was happy to go there with you. This was such a gutsy choice. You took a big risk with this selection, and IMO, it REALLY paid off. Great job. And congratulations!

Everyone else was awesome too. Sumayah, I SOOOO appreciate your Dr Horrible entry. I'm serious - next year, let's do the duet. I'm totally on board if you are. Smileywoman, you know I think you have a great voice, but it's NOTHING compared to that wig. Can I borrow it some time? I actually think it would look terrific on my face due to my Naomi Campbell bone structure. Schuhplattler, you totally went for it. Kudos.

And Oz_Helen, as founder of this hallowed tradition, you deserve more than your own trophy.
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You deserve your own category. And boy, did you earn this one! The first annual Oz_Helen You Made Me Cry award goes to...

drum roll...


But you all probably guessed that already. Big thanks to everyone who entered, and congrats to those who won. I can't wait until next year! Great job, y'all.

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re: Winners of the 6th Annual DDN Karaoke Contest!
By DefyingGravityPremium member Comments: 5265, member since Sun Jan 19, 2003
On Fri Dec 28, 2012 06:52 AM
Bwahahahaa thanks :) I listened to it again and just laughed - I should really re-record at the key I would normally sing it at as a comparison!