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Catching Fire
By Irish4life Comments: 227, member since Wed Sep 21, 2011
On Wed Jan 02, 2013 05:53 AM

Have you read Catching Fire? It's the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy, and I loved it! If you've read it, any thoughts on the book? Or if you haven't, will you? And the movie, personally I'm excited for it that I've been near where they filmed. :) Any predictions/hopes for the film?

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re: Catching Fire
By KeepOnSinginPremium member Comments: 12372, member since Sun Dec 19, 2004
On Wed Jan 02, 2013 07:14 PM
Catching Fire is hands down my favorite book of the trilogy! I feel like it moved the fastest, had the most excitement, and really made the biggest difference in my opinion of all the characters and whatnot. I can't wait for the film since they did such a good job with The Hunger Games!
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By ukiecam Comments: 136, member since Sun Mar 11, 2012
On Wed Jan 02, 2013 09:36 PM
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OH MY GOSH YES!! Haha, I'm happy to see more Hunger Games fans on DDN! I'm really excited for the movie (CMON NOVEMBER) and I'm really interested to see what they make of the second arena, and to see some of the other districts. This is the book where Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch grow really close together and I'm wondering how the filmakers are going to portray that. I hope they keep in the scene where katniss and Haymitch are drinking together, and I want to see most of the lines kept in because that may just be my favorite part of the book. Personally, Mockingjay is my favorite book in the series because there are so many twists (Okay, who else pretty much cried when Peeta tries to strangle Katniss?) and we get to see a different side of all of the characters. Except Finnick died. I honestly almost didn't care about Prim but ohmygod it was so unfair that Finnick dies.

EDIT: Alright, I lie. I did care a whole lot about Prim dying. But with Finnick I'm not even sure how Suzane Collins came up with that. He should not have died.

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By Irish4life Comments: 227, member since Wed Sep 21, 2011
On Thu Jan 03, 2013 12:36 AM
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I agree! Nice to meet some more fans here. :)

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Yeah I don't think Finnick should have died! Especially after he got married to Annie and he helped Katniss when Peeta was hijacked. :( And when Prim died, I was so annoyed, like why have Katniss volunteer if she dies anyways? But it wasn't a big deal by that point in the book.

I can't wait to see the Quarter Quell arena, and especially Finnick! Plus the whole bit of the reaping/baby/Gale situation. I wish they'd included Madge so now in Catching Fire they'll have no way to explain the link between Madge-Maysilee Donner and Haymitch! Unless Haymitch randomly shares with Katniss that her pin from the Hob was originally Maysilee's..

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By balletgirl4ever Comments: 535, member since Tue Jul 31, 2012
On Thu Jan 03, 2013 02:55 AM
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I absolutely love this book! I think its so sad that they go into the arena again, and when all the tribute join together before the games. I hope they keep the drinking scene too Ukie! Its one of the best parts of the book.

I hope they do the book justice and that they don't make a mess of the movie. It could turn out so great and amazing if they do it right.

Oh my God, I didn't want Finnick or Prim to die. I was crying at both parts. I cared more about Prim dying though, because katniss had gone through so much to save her from the arena.

Yeah, Irish4Life I wish they included Madge too. Now they have to say Maysilee was just a random person, and it would be so much better if she was connected to someone in the story.

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By PogMoGilliesmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 3157, member since Tue Apr 24, 2007
On Thu Jan 03, 2013 01:44 PM
I love Catching Fire, but I feel like Suzanne Collins kind of gave up on Mockingjay- it was like "I have to make this a trilogy, so I'm going to shove two and a half books of material into one and give no explinations at all for major events"

I am excited for the movies, because the second should be good, and hopefully they'll smooth out some of the issues in the third.
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By Moonlitefairy06member has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 7177, member since Fri Apr 16, 2004
On Thu Jan 03, 2013 02:31 PM
Hey everyone,

Just saying a lot of the stuff you are talking about happened in Mocking Jay, not Catching Fire. The OP wanted to discuss Catching Fire and doesn't seem to have read Mocking Jay yet. Maybe a new thread should be made to talking about all 3 books. I know you labeled the spoiler alerts, but I would have thought they would have been 2nd book spoilers, not 3rd. There is also a markup code that lets you hide your spoilers in an expandanable box that someone has to purposely click to open. When you hit "reply" just open up the markup code link under the text box to get the information on how to use it.

Ok back to the discussion of CATCHING FIRE....

It def moved very fast paced and I won't deny, I had to reread the ending because I was super confused on what had happened with the arrow and the wire. I liked being introduced to new characters since the whole first book basically revolved around Katniss and Peeta. I was actually impressed by how the first movie turned out, I usually am dissapointed in the book version of movies. I've seen some photos of the filming and so far the set and everything for the arena looks great to me.
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By LlamaLlamaDuckmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 7765, member since Sun Nov 21, 2004
On Thu Jan 03, 2013 03:38 PM
I really enjoyed the books... but loathed the first movie. So I'll just save the cash and watch the second online or wait till it comes on the movie network.
re: Catching Fire
By ChristinePremium member Comments: 6818, member since Wed Feb 04, 2009
On Thu Jan 03, 2013 04:02 PM
I too love these books, although I do agree that there were disappointments. There seemed to be a rush to publish the last two once the original Hunger Games was such a success. It is too bad Collins didn't take her time like JK Rowling did with the Harry Potter series, because I think the literary problems could have been solved if she wasn't pushing up against a deadline. She is an excellent writer and the mistakes were kind of "first draft amateurish" and could have been easily solved without hurting the work. It's been a while since I read them, but I remember thinking, "Where is the editor!?"

I'd already read all three when the first movie came out so I was an educated audience member but my husband went to the film without any insight at all. The plot is so dense, it was hard to follow when compressed for the sake of a maximum 120 minutes of available screen time. I hope Catching Fire is well done. I do look forward to seeing it.

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By LlamaLlamaDuckmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 7765, member since Sun Nov 21, 2004
On Thu Jan 03, 2013 04:43 PM
The editor was too busy with 50 shades... lol