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By UberGoobermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 6414, member since Sat May 15, 2004
On Fri Jan 11, 2013 06:12 PM

So long story short, my boyfriend's parents bought a home outside of Phoenix, AZ, USA to eventually retire to. So boyfriend and I decided to take a nearly 9 day trip down there to check it out (I had never been to arizona!) We packed in a decent amount of things on our trip, but since his parent's now own the place, we will be back many times!

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By imadanseurPremium member Comments: 16604, member since Thu Dec 04, 2003
On Fri Jan 11, 2013 06:23 PM
YAY!! Love the pictures. Nothing can really capture the beauty and essence of the colors in the mountains and Grand Canyon, but looks like your camera did a great job.

Next time you come we'll have to hook up for coffee or something. I knew you were probably busy and the first trip wouldn't have allowed you extra time to sneak away.

What was one of the favorite things you did/saw??
re: Arizona!
By d4jmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 12490, member since Fri Aug 27, 2004
On Fri Jan 11, 2013 06:38 PM
Great pics! I love Arizona. I have sisters in Phoenix and Tucson and my parents live in Scottsdale. It's a very beautiful state! :)
re: Arizona!
By UberGoobermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 6414, member since Sat May 15, 2004
On Fri Jan 11, 2013 06:52 PM
Ooohk, so now that the photos have successfully uploaded, I can actually say what we did.

We arrived and did nothing interesting on the first night besides get groceries, booze, etc. We ate at a NY style pizza joint about 15-20 min away from home (which is basically the closest restaurant to their place!)

Friday, we also hung around home, made dinner, had lots of wine , and cruised around the neighborhood in the golf cart (The house is in a "retirement community". I don't really like that term because people are rather active here, but there is a community pool, fitness facility, golf courses, etc.)

Then Saturday we went out to Taliesin West, which was the arizona home lived in and designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I'm no architecture buff or anything but my boyfriend had been before and loved it so we went. Highly recommend. We did a 90 min tour which didn't seem too long at all. The guide was great and I felt like I learned a lot about FLW. (Pictures One and Two are from this tour!)

Then because we were already in Scottsdale area, we went to KIerland Commons (also because we needed to go to Pottery Barn to buy a blanket for the house since it was so cold!) and Nordstrom Rack. We had a drink and appy at a happy hour in Kierland Commons then drove to Downtown-ish Phoenix to meet up with some very good friends at Fez, a snazzy burger place.

Sunday, we woke up early and drove four hours-ish to the Grand Canyon which I can't even put into words. It is just incredible how large it is....11 miles or so from the South Rim to the North RIm. Imadanseur is right....the camera just can't replicate what it actually looks like. THe colors and just the depth are incredible. One major plus about going to the GC in January is that the shuttle buses don't really run that we could drive ourselves from lookout point to lookout point without any sort of time schedule. That was really nice, although the road is less than 20 feet away from the Canyon edge....glad I wasn't driving! (Pictures 3 and 4).

Then instead of driving the four hours home that night, my amazing boyfriend surprised me with a stay at a resort near Sedona (belated birthday gift). We drove down this road full of switchbacks (terrifying!!!!) to this cute little cabin in the middle of the woods with a loft and private hot tub. We made dinner there because there was a full kitchen and generally just had a nice time. We didn't have any cell phone service and never bothered to turn on the TV or internet. It was like a retreat for our relationship honestly and was one of my favorite parts of the trip as lame as that might sound.

Monday morning in Sedona, we decided to hike out to "Devil's Bridge" which I also totally recommend. It is probably just over a mile to get there but the last part of the hike has you basically climbing up "boulder stairs" which wasn't that hard for us, but the trail was also a bit snowy in the shaded areas which was a little scary! (PIctures 6 and 7). It was totally scary LOOKING at the bridge, but once you went out on it you realized it was a good 10 feet wide and wasn't that bad at all. The views were just incredible! I told my boyfriend it was an efficient hike "Minimal distance, maximal views!) It only took us about 3 hours and that was because we were driving a Mazda not a jeep so had to walk quite a ways to the trailhead.

The rest of our time in Sedona we just checked out the cute stores and went to a wine tasting that I found a groupon four.

The rest of our time in Arizona, we just hung around the community, hit up the pool, etc. I drove the golf cart while my boyfriend played a round. (I need to learn!).

The last photo is from dinner out on our last night in Scottsdale.

In general it was an AMAZING trip and I found myself really surprised by the variety of scenery in Arizona. I think I had pictured it being ALL cactus, but once you get more north, it is much more mountainous than I expected. My favorite part of the trip was definitely Sedona (both our "retreat" and the views from the hike) although Grand Canyon was just awesome, as in awe-inspiring.

When we go back, we will probably visit the Botanical Gardens as well as do more horseback riding and hiking. (The house is very close to Tonto National Forest)