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If any parents want their children's primary or high school photos edited - see in
By sparxPremium member Comments: 257, member since Thu Oct 09, 2008
On Sun Jan 20, 2013 03:02 PM
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It's not strictly disco collages but, if anyone has primary or high school photos that they felt could have been better I'm able to have a go at editing a scanned copy in either of the following ways.

First, if the background of the photo is totally white only I can change it to something more interesting. Just find an image of your choice and I'll add it.

Second, I can edit any facial blemishes or tidy stray strands of hair, and hopefully enhance the overall quality.

It's free, for the fun of it, as usual. So, if you have a school photo (not dance school) that you would like to have either or both of the above done please send me a private message with your request.



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