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Travelling to UGANDA :) Tell me all
By Shhaan_Dmember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 1159, member since Wed Mar 03, 2004
On Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:31 PM

SO I am travelling to Uganda in July to work with children with special needs for 3 weeks hoping to rturn again for longer next year.

I would like to know absolutely everything!

Things to look out for, their cultural things, what to do/what not to do etc

Any experiences.

Thanks Shannon

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re: Travelling to UGANDA :) Tell me all
By djcharamember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 967, member since Mon Jan 11, 2010
On Wed Jan 30, 2013 02:57 AM
I have not been to Uganda but I know several close family friends who have worked there, one who started a women's shelter for former child soldiers/ child mothers, and a couple who worked as doctors in Bundibugyo for over 10 years (they are in Kenya now). From what I've heard from them, it seems like an amazing place, and I'm jealous! :) If you're interested in reading about people's experiences in the country, the doctors' blog is (the current stuff is of them in Kenya, but if you look through the archives you can find stuff from when they were in Uganda as well). And the blog is just incredible anyway.

It sounds like you'll have an incredible experience. I spent a week in a foster home in Mexico the summer before last, and it was honestly, as cliche as this sounds, life-changing. I went back for a month this past summer and I'm hoping to return this summer and maybe in March as well. I think going to another country and seeing much of the world lives and the difference that a few people can make is invaluable. I will say that the month this summer was very challenging--but it was good for me and just good in general, and I have never been so sad to leave somewhere.

I hope your trip is amazing. Can't wait to hear how it goes!
re: Travelling to UGANDA :) Tell me all
By Louisemember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 17315, member since Thu Jun 06, 2002
On Wed Jan 30, 2013 09:33 AM
I haven't been to Uganda although I've been to Kenya.

First of all for a bit of history told in an amusing way, I would recommend a book called 'The Worst Date Ever' by Jane Bussman. She's a celebrity journalist who falls in love with an aid worker and ends up uncovering conspiracies in Uganda. You may have heard all the 'Stop Kony' stuff a year or so back - the book goes into that.

Judging by Kenya I would say, be careful with your camera. I don't mean protect it from thieves - I mean when travelling the temptation is to take pictures of everything and anything, but our local guide told us to be discreet and to ask for permission before taking photos. In East Africa they know they're poor and they don't want rich Westerners gawping at them as if they're attractions. One girl on our bus had a real hard time with that and just wouldn't consider people's feelings at all, it wasn't nice to watch.

I never felt unsafe in Kenya, you just have to watch yourself. Be aware, don't take unnecessary risks, but at the same time be open to talking to strangers. If Ugandans are anything like Kenyans, they are just absolutely delighted that you've come to visit their country and they want to see if you like it and find out about where you come from too. So, take some pictures, maybe some newspapers or magazines, anything to show them what it's like here.

If you're going to take presents for the kids, little girls will pretty much universally love anything for their hair, particularly sparkly stuff (go nuts in Claire's) and little boys want anything to do with football. If you can get hold of football shirts, scarves or programmes, even if they're seasons old and second hand, they will love you forever. Every single man and boy we met in Kenya was NUTS for Premiership football. Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool were of course the big favourites.