Artistic Director, Ballet Instructor, or Guest-teaching jobs
By sunya
On 02/26/2013 11:20:18
Former owner-director of Rozann-Zimmerman Ballet Center in Los Angeles, Ellen Davis danced with the Stuttgart Ballet Company and was a Ford Foundation scholarship student at the School of American Ballet in N.Y.C. for several years. Ellen has taught beginning through professional level ballet to children and adults for thirty-six years in the United States and abroad, in private schools and in colleges and universities. She also choreographs and teaches improvisational dance. She is the founder of Yoga of Ballet; classical ballet with a yogic approach and has been artistic director of several ballet conservatories. Teaching Philosophy I offer professional classical ballet training to all students regardless of their ability or their intentions in studying. I feel that careful training given with individual attention on technique, expression, musicality, and approach gives each student the greatest opportunity to fulfill his or her potential. This approach recognizes the human being as well as the artist and translates from the art form to life, lifting the student to greater levels of self-awareness, creativity and joy in all of their endeavors. It allows all students, even those not initially interested in ballet as a career or past-time, to get a full taste of the art-form and all of the love and depth I feel in it and want to share. I nurture creativity, imagination, vision, and a love of the performing arts. I encourage self-awareness, self-motivation, and self-discipline so that each student can actualize their greatest potential through their heart and soul’s aspiration and fulfillment. When students aspire towards professional careers in dance, I am available to guide and prepare them for that techniquely, artistically, psychologically, and practically. I find that along with proper placement and technique, the awakening of expressive truth, musicality and one’s innate creative intelligence are equally important in empowering dancers to use the body as a means of creative self-expression and to extend the grace of dance to all of life. I use the teaching of dance as a way of evoking students’ self-acceptance, balance and sense of unity and connection with all. I reflect back to students their unconditioned self and the beauty, grace and “dancer within”, regardless of their body-type, self-belief or level of training. I find that with the extreme rigor and perfectionism involved in the art form, when there is awareness of what is prior to our conditioning, ballet can be a wonderful vehicle to learn the distinctions between the negative aspects of self-judgment in contrast to the positive and creative aspects of self-observation. I invite students to join me in embracing each moment as an opportunity to grow as artists and as human beings, and that we not only look towards the results we might achieve as dancers but realize that our true fulfillment lies in our love affair with the process of learning. Students have the opportunity to refine their ideas of “fun” through the experience of the utter joy of being completely focused and immersed in their process. The benefits of good ballet training are seen not only in the students' physical development, but in their mental as well, making itself visible in the respect that one learns for oneself, one's art, and the discipline. The emphasis is placed upon nurturing well-rounded dancers and giving them a large vocabulary with which to express themselves as well as providing them with an experience of their innate abilities as creative human beings. It is important to me to awaken the teacher within them and inspire students to consciously collaborate in their learning process. I feel that when they learn through self-motivation and discovery they learn in a deeper and more integrated way. Ellen Davis ©1977- 2013
re: Artistic Director, Ballet Instructor, or Guest-teaching jobs
By D2munson
On 12/03/2013 10:44:19
Are you willing to relocate? If so can you send your resume and a video to I am the Artistic Director at the Power House of Dance & Frisco Power House of Dance in Texas. I look forward to hearing from you.
re: Artistic Director, Ballet Instructor, or Guest-teaching jobs
By DanceSpaceVN
On 08/15/2014 17:00:48
Hello, We are newly open studio in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and interested in your profile. Please take a look at our teacher recruitment link and apply if you are willing to relocate to have different experiences. Email us at for more discussion. Thanks and regards, DanceSpace Vietnam.

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