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idta freestyle dance teacher looking for an opportunity!
By jessicacook Comments: 3, member since Mon Mar 04, 2013
On Mon Mar 04, 2013 07:25 AM
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I'm currently looking for opportunities within the Swindon/Bristol/Surrounding area to teach, preferably within Freestyle. I have my Level 2 Personal Training qualification so would also be happy to complete stamina, fitness, flexibility etc classes... Any kind of experience is a bonus at this point. Please see below some information on my previous dance experience.

I began doing ballet, tap and jazz classes from the age of three with Judith Hockadays. At the age of 6 I joined Stagecoach where I auditioned for various roles through their agency, the first position I was successful in obtaining was with Shakespear4kidz. After preforming with them at the wyvern, I was chosen to tour with them nationally completing shows at various theatres across the UK. I then went on to train at Sylvia Young's Theatre School; securing roles in Annie, Wizard of Oz and Fame.

A the age of 13 I started competing in Freestyle dance, I quickly moved up the sections (ADFP); going from beginner to champ in just 10 competitions. I have won various national and international titles over the years, including South West Champ of Champ in Solos, Intermediate Youth South West Champion in Slow, Adult Trios Champions, Eurodance Doubles Street Champions and ADFP South West and Wales Intermediate of Intermediate to name a few.

Since retiring from competing I have stayed in touch with my dance school, supporting and covering classes when required. As well as continuing to attend competitions up and down the country and playing the supportive ex dancer role (mostly wishing I was still out there myself!).

I am now looking to do my IDTA Freestyle Teaching qualification which I am self funding and doing through a private board. Dance is something I've always been passionate about and I hope to have my own academy one day.

If you do have any opportunities or would like to meet to discuss this further, I'd be thrilled. As I said, I am open to anything that will help me to gain experience within teaching.

Please contact me on in the first instance.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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