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On Thu Mar 21, 2013 08:50 PM

Hey, everyone!

My parents have recently discovered what they think are allergies of mine, especially dust and pollen. I hoover my room every other day and change my bedding a lot. We've had to re-decorate my room three times, purely because I can't sleep in there due to sneezing, coughing and sniffling. My eyes are red and puffy and itchy.
So I'm assuming it's a dust thing - if I move my bed in my room to clean under and around, it results in sneezing for the next few hours!

Does anybody have this problem? I imagine a lot of people do! Do you have an particular ways to stop it, or make it less annoying! I'm a tidy person, but I can't think of a way to stop dust, beside hoovering like I do! Would taking hayfever tablets daily make this less annoying?

thanks a bunch :D

Beth xx

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re: Allergies?
By Puffin
On Thu Mar 21, 2013 09:11 PM
I've suffered from allergies most of my life, and it gets particularly bad in the spring and summer months when the trees start budding and pollen is in the air, so I know the feeling!

On doctors orders I take an antihistamine every day, and it seems to help with the itchy eyes and sneezing. There are a number of different brands: Claritin, Aerius, Reactine, Allegra, etc. and it actually took me a few tries to find the one that works best for me. But it was worth it! They're all over-the-counter, but you could always talk to a pharmacist first and see what they recommend. I was also told to shower before going to bed, especially after being outside during the day. It just makes sure that any pollen is off your skin and out of your hair. Frequent vacuuming and dusting is definitely a good start, and it wouldn't hurt to invest in a small air-filter.

Now I don't know if you do or not, but if it's a pollen thing you may want to keep your windows closed at night when you sleep; I find that I always wake up feeling worse if the windows are left open.
re: Allergies?
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On Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:31 PM
Oh thanks so much for the speedy reply!

Yeah, I have a few different antihistamines in the house, just the ones you can buy from the supermarket. I'll definitely give speaking to a pharmacist a go! The showering thing I should do, too, because I usually shower first thing in a morning, then just wash on an evening! Thanks for that!

Yeah, I don't sleep with my window open, but thanks for that tip anyway! :)

Hope your allergies aren't so bad this year! :)
re: Allergies?
By ballerinatwirler
On Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:53 PM
I have really severe dust allergies as well. What helps me is trying cleaning my linens often and trying to dust besides my bedroom because I'll have a major flare-up. I do take Allegra everyday. When I clean I wear paint masks then I wash my blankets and take a shower so nothing is contaminated.
re: Allergies?
By kandykanePremium member
On Fri Mar 22, 2013 03:59 AM
It might be a good idea to remove the carpet from your room. Carpet is notorious for holding dust, pollen and dander. Curtains, too. Get blinds instead.

re: Allergies?
By schuhplattlerPremium member
On Sat Mar 23, 2013 07:51 PM
1. You are doing the cleanliness thing, which is always the first action. Well done, but don't forget the air filter.

2. Go to an allergist and get a scratch test. It is well worth the cost.

3. If possible (or maybe I should say when possible), get a change of environment.

4. Finally, academic stress can make allergies worse.
re: Allergies?
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On Sun Mar 24, 2013 05:02 AM
I second KandyKane's suggestion for getting rid of carpets and drapes. Use blinds for the windows and formica (or similar) for the flooring because they can be cleaned effectively. Keep surfaces clear of anything which could catch dust and also make it easy to dust everything often. Remember objects like lightbulbs and lampshades which are things you don't usually think about dusting.

Consider your pillows. Do you need to wash them? I'm sure you change the pillowcases but that might not be enough. And what about the contents of the pillows: Feathers and/or down? Foam? Polyester?

In addition, you also live in the rest of the house and air circulates throughout, including through your bedroom. Make sure your furnace's air filters are changed often. The air ducts might need cleaning, too!

Over-the-counter medications might help. You never know until you try them.

If you are in the northern hemisphere spring is coming up and that means tree pollen. It's invisible, unlike the fall's goldenrod pollen. But some people are especially sensitive to it.
re: Allergies?
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On Sun Mar 24, 2013 01:50 PM
Thanks, everybody. You're all so helpful!
I think I will have to get a scratch test done, just to see if it definitely is dust and things!
Oh yeah! I so forgot about the lightbulbs! Thanks so much for mentioning that! My mum washes my pillows for me, I'm not sure what's inside them, she buys new ones quite often, ha!

Thanks so much!


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