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re: To homeschool or not? In look of opinions
By highlandrebelmember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 1138, member since Fri Jul 06, 2007
On Mon Apr 08, 2013 08:12 PM
I would not worry about college, especially at this point.

The vast majority of colleges readily accept homeschooled students and many are actively recruiting homeschoolers.
re: To homeschool or not? In look of opinions
By shmcdona Comments: 857, member since Sat May 01, 2004
On Wed Apr 10, 2013 07:27 PM
My daughter just started kindergarten this year. She (luckily) got into a french immersion program here. I have been very happy for that. She would not have gone to our catchment school as it is horrid. If she hadn't made it into the french school we would have applied for cross-catchment to about 4 different schools. Basically, in a rambling way I'm saying any choice for your child's education is difficult and met with lots of concern. We heard everything bad about immersion to everything great about it. Same with schools, same with home schooling. Each aspect has its pro's and con's.

I currently work three nights a week teaching. Next fall I am able to go down to 2 nights, as my husbands job allows me to. I do find the days I don't see my daughter except for morning a challenge, but I make sure that when I do see her, its quality time. I focus on us interacting.

Is there any way you could arrange your schedule so at least a few days a week you can pick her up after school and go for a hot chocolate. Spend an hour two or three times a week catching up? You might find that allows you to connect and you can still work.
re: To homeschool or not? In look of opinions
By ishyfishiemember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 1867, member since Fri Aug 15, 2003
On Fri Apr 12, 2013 03:23 PM
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Have you looked into other curriculum options? Something like Five in a Row can really be used for multiple ages at once, rather than having to work with each child separately. My aunt has homeschooled my cousins (ages 17 and 12) all the way through and they do quite a bit of work together before separating off for different levels of math/science/whatever. Even if the program you're using won't work for your family, there are tons and tons of options out there!

We homeschool and are doing kindergarten this year and spent very little time sitting down doing "seatwork." Even those of our homeschool friends who do a bit more structure than we do don't spend a whole lot of time sitting down doing work (because you can get so much more done with just one child, catering to their learning style and interests). We're starting first grade math now and have just chosen most of our other first grade curriculum but I still don't expect it to take too much time each day. There are a huge number of activities in our area (a homeschool gym & swim program, we're doing a homeschool co-op right now but won't be next year, our zoo, art museum and science museum all offer homeschool classes), too.

If you want to talk about curriculum options, feel free to PM me! We are so happy to be homeschooling and having a great time with it. I can't remember where you're located but I'd be glad to talk about state requirements and whatnot, too. My daughter is not reading fluently at this point but that's why we homeschool, so she can learn at her own pace and we can tailor our curriculum choices to her personality and learning style. My little one won't be doing anything official yet but I look forward to doing schoolwork with both of them together when the time comes!
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