extenuating circumstance
By tiptoeballerina
On 04/25/2013 06:31:28
I have a family who is going through a very bad divorce and last week she forgot to bring her child to rehearsal . I also had another one miss half day of rehearsal (2 numbers) because of a talent show at school. Mind you , neither of these people called the studio , cleared things first , nothing. OUr policy states if you miss rehearsal , wo doctors note , or it being a religious function , or family function ie wedding etc. you are cut from dances you miss. So both these girls were cut . Now I am getting phone calls from one who just missed stating that I should let her do it because of her family circumstance . That is why she forgot about rehearsal . Really >? The problem is if I let her do it I believe more and more people will start missing and takin advantage. Rules are rules. So I have to call her later , which I am really not looking forward to . :( what would you tell her?
re: extenuating circumstance
By sciencedancer
On 04/25/2013 07:19:06
For the child of the divorcing parents- I would. There is enough change in her life right now. Your studio can be a stable place in her life where things can be "fun and normal". Talent show child- too bad. If parents start the compare game- I always say that I do not discuss other peoples children.
re: extenuating circumstance
By thedancestar
On 04/25/2013 09:07:04
I agree with ScienceDancer.
re: extenuating circumstance
By SammyBeth
On 04/25/2013 10:17:20
I would agree with both let that child do the recital she is probably going through a lot right now. Has the child doing the talent show ever done a recital? If so maybe just require her to do a private lesson, charge extra if you want, if you have time to do a private. Just to catch up and make sure she is clear on the 2 dances. Just a thought :)
re: extenuating circumstance
By hummingbird
On 04/26/2013 22:39:57
It's up to you to draw your lines. Personally (and I'm using Stepdancer's examples here) death in the family (close one) yes, death of a pet (on the day) yes, afterwards no, cancellation of a TV program, just no, divorce probably yes. I have a dancer who is going through severe anxiety because of a nasty split between her parents at the moment and I am cutting the kid a bit of slack. If you didn't you really don't deserve the kid as a client, you need to be understanding of their emotional needs, otherwise you might just as well call yourself Abbey and be done with it.

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