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Guys Only PG-13
Dumb questions/Statemets people ask/tell male dancers!
By Dancingleek Comments: 25, member since Mon Dec 05, 2011
On Fri May 03, 2013 04:27 PM

Does doing splits hurt your balls? Um last time I checked my hamstrings werent connected to my junk so uhh NO!

Dancing is gay! Um yeah so some of us are gay including me so are some of the men/women who play any other sport out there so what? dancing is harder than anything youll ever set out to do so dont be jelly! some of the men are straight and we are a hell of a lot stronger than you football, baseball, and basketball players etc. So how about you try taking just 1 ballet class and see how well you do!

Why dont you play a sport? Um lets see 1. Dancing is a sport, an artistic sport 2. Have you ever considered some guys arent interested in your every day run of the mill sports? No? well you should! 3. So we dont have to be with you boneheads for longer than we already are!

Hope you enjoyed this post if you have any more to add to this please do so this is all I can think of at the moment