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Barani help--no handed roundoff
By RobinBailey
On Wed May 15, 2013 05:24 PM
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I'm having trouble getting my barani on the trampoline. Is there some sort of special trick to it or just to practice? I can do the roundoff part, starting with my feet together, pretty well, but i just cant seem to get my feet around quickly enough to not put my hands down.

I'm also wondering if you should jump up then dive down or try to not spend much time in the air before I put my feet around.

Also is there a trick to whipping my feet around faster but keeping them up and not going to the side? How can I tell if my legs are going in the right direction?

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re: Barani help--no handed roundoff
By Squekers998
On Sat Jul 06, 2013 09:45 AM
1-Make sure you know how to do a front somersault on the trampoline beforehand.
2- Bounce in the center of the trampoline to achieve more height (4 to 6 bounces should be enough).
3- Start to flip as you would in a front somersault. Remember to start with your hands in the air and gradually take them in
4-When you flip you must tuck the halfway out of it you need to kick out with your legs and twist your hips to your weakest side eg. If your left handed twist to your right, if you are right handed twist to your left.
5-Stick your landing. making sure your hands are straight up in the air.

Try not to over do it, you may pull a muscle.
As you start, have you're hands in the air and as you're twisting, tuck in for speed.
Try to tuck your legs as much as possible when doing the barani, this helps you to twist easier.
If this is one of the first trick you are learning it may be hard to get your hands off the ground and it will end up like a round-off. Try and jump higher to solve this problem but still keep your hands ready to move above your head to stop yourself from landing on your head.


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