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Patty and Bobby ballet recital
By LeapBoy4Joy2 Comments: 46, member since Sun May 19, 2013
On Sun Jun 02, 2013 01:11 PM
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These are 2 characters I created years ago which is a story i planned to write about them but both characters do start their story sepeartely on their own before they both meet each other and then becomes as one story. I had posted previous cartoon pics of them and other cartoon dances here a few pages back but are no longer repliable since their old now and i was absent for a long time and had to create a new account. The picture shows Bobby lifting Patty as 9 year olds in one of their classical ballet dances. Patty would later go on pointe at age 11 and grows a little bit tall which would become a problem for Bobby. Bobby and Patty are not only dance partners but become boyfriend and girlfriend.