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50th Anniversary of The Veronica Law School of Highland Dancing (Australia)
By Dougie Comments: 108, member since Tue Jul 11, 2006
On Mon Jun 03, 2013 08:01 PM

Hi All,

I write this post as one of the teachers with the Veronica Law School of Highland Dancing in Australia.

On June 22, we officially celebrate our 50th Anniversary and we are having a celebration which we would like as many students past and present as well as supporters of the school to come to.

There is a facebook event created with all the details. If you know of anyone that learnt from Veronica Law (McFarland is married name) anytime since 1963, please let them know.

We are only 3 weeks out and have reached most pupils but are wanting to make sure we use every opportunity to find as many as possible. . . .

Thanks and happy dancing!

Dougie :D