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***URGANT*** Using Clay question!
By Jaffah
On Sat Jun 08, 2013 06:26 PM


So I'm in some desperate clay assistance!

I have a cosplay outing in a bit under 2 weeks!

I've decided to make a prop out of clay for lack of other creative options!

It's an apple that's got a smiling face carved into it :)

I've worked with clay before, and so I'm not worried about a lack of skills...

it's just that, if I make it solid clay, it'll weigh about 500g! and I don't really want to lug half a kilo around for two whole days...

So, I was wondering if anyone knows of any ways to make it light weight? I was thinking of making it hollow, but my concern there was that I still have to carve it...

SO, any ideas? I considered wrapping the clay around a stripped down tennis ball (I have done this before), but that would end up being a pretty big apple :/

Any ideas would be appreciated :)

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re: ***URGANT*** Using Clay question!
By Leigha_Ballerina
On Sat Jun 08, 2013 08:32 PM
Use a piece of florist oasis for your, pardon the pun, core instead of a tennis ball.

One option would be to use a piece of display or wax fruit and just paint or even glue a clay or DAS face on to it.
re: ***URGANT*** Using Clay question!
By Gavrilushka
On Mon Jun 10, 2013 07:11 AM
Your just in luck because I did a holiday arts course in pottery. ;)

This is what you do. Make a base out of clay, a small circle and use a rolling pin to make it about 1/4 inch thick. Cut pieces of clay, about the size of your thumb and roll them into a 'snake' shape. Now you are going to coil around your base. :) Get a toothpick and make x shapes on the edges of the base and on the side of the 'snake' you want to stick down. Wet the cross and match the x-ed sides up and press the snake down and make a full circle - remove excess and repeat the process making sure to expand the width of the shape to make it look like an apple/spherical and not a cylinder.
When you get halfway, use a clay spatula thingy to smooth the surfaces so your 'snakes' are flat and smooth and not look like coils - do this to the inside too and then continue your process.
Here's a video: . . .


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