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On Tue Jun 25, 2013 06:16 PM

A woman called the sheriff's Hot Tip line. "I think Mr. William Robert Smith is hiding marijuana stashes in logs at his wood pile. It's out in back next to his barn on county road 20."

The next day the sheriff and all his deputies go to Billy Bob's house armed with axes and log splitters...they know him well. They go through the entire pile and don't find so much as a single marijuana leaf. The sheriff is mad as heck, but of course can't do a thing to Billy Bob.

Two days later, Billy Bob's girlfriend comes by and tells him "I see that big log pile you had is all chopped up to firewood size."

"Yep" said Billy Bob, "Someone thought I had some Mary Jane hidden in all those logs and tipped off the sheriff. I don't know why they thought that, but at least someone else got to chop all that wood for winter."

"Merry Christmas" said the girlfriend with a wink.