ballet solo suggestions?
By sillyfeet482
On 06/26/2013 18:01:41
I have a 9 year old who LOVES ballet and is very good at it. She's going to be taking her age appropriate class next year as well as the middle school class and doing a solo for competition. She's such a hard worker and talented. I really want to show her off adequately. I have NO ideas for songs for a ballet solo! Please help! (btw did you know that Shazaam sucks at recognizing classical songs? what the hell?)
re: ballet solo suggestions?
By terpsidance
On 06/26/2013 21:15:12
I've used a piece of music by Shostakovich called The Bolt several times for young dancers in group ballet pieces and solo's. It's light and perfect for young dancers. I bought it off of Amazon. Anitra's dance from Peer Gynt Suite is also nice.
re: ballet solo suggestions?
By contemp_is_rad
On 06/27/2013 00:10:35
The Beatrix Potter ballet has lots of nice, youthful pieces.

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