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Foot Tattoo
By lil_miss_dancer1 Comments: 136, member since Sun Oct 29, 2006
On Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:34 AM

Hello DDN,

I'm looking to get my second tattoo here soon and I need some ideas. My first tattoo is an infinity symbol with the word strength running in the middle of it and its on my right hip. For my second i would like something on the very outside/not the top of my left foot. I want something that has a "bring it on life" attitude, meaning no matter what comes my way I will attack it full force. I like the idea of "Run Free" or "come what may" but any other ideas are greatly appreciated! I want to make sure its something i really like and feel passionate about but the words just cant come to mind. I have the idea and i'm passionate about the idea but its the exact wording that i'm struggling with, Help DDN!