Competition reviews please!
By sillyfeet482
On 07/25/2013 16:22:45
So as I look into new competitions, I'm always leery of what I don't know about them. Do they actually run on time? Is the judging fair? Do they follow their own rules about age appropriateness? Etc... So I thought if we all shared our experience with the competitions we've attended, it could help everyone make more informed decisions. It's probably also something that should be updated at the beginning of every season so I apologize if I'm double posting, but I didn't see a post like this for this year. We have attended MASQUERADE for two years in a row. Their staff is sometimes hard to find, but always polite and helpful once we do find them. They assign dressing rooms, which may sound like it'll be better, but it's really only been a hassle. When they had to start the competition at noon on Friday, they offered a refund for anyone who was unwilling to miss school to compete, which I thought was very classy. We have attended STAGE ONE for two years in a row. They're staff has been friendly and helpful, even when I had to pull an injured dancer the day of the competition. They ran on time, had adequate dressing room space and awards were spaced at reasonable intervals. I felt that their judging was fair and the judges gave good comments. This was our first year at KAR and I was very pleased. My team is brand new, but training 4-6 hours per week, so this was the only competition where I felt like they were evenly matched with their competitors. One of the judges hardly made any comments and pissed me off, but what ya gonna do. If he is back and does the same thing, I'll complain. I took one solo and one duet to RAINBOW this year and I was mortified at the nonesense. They changed the start time of the competition, making it two hours earlier, and didn't send any correspondence to let everyone know. I noticed when I checked the website and it shouldn't have mattered because it did not change our start time, but several other schools did not notice and were significantly late. It messed up the whole scheduling of the day, ran everything late, and was generally awful. Their staff was hardly present and not very helpful at all. The girl who won the 9-11 solo category did a dance that was wildly inappropriate and although she was a beautiful dancer, I was disappointed that they didn't follow their rule of disqualifying an inappropriate dance. Their awards dragged on forever because they gave too many special awards- many of which the kids didn't even understand. My duet won and I still have no desire to ever go back. (The Houston venue was also awful...) Please share your experiences!
re: Competition reviews please!
By terpsidance
On 07/27/2013 22:08:06
I took my dancers to The Power of Dance for the very first time in my 7 years of being an SO. The competition ran on time, in a nice venue, and all dances were appropriate regarding costume, choreography and music choice. The staff was very friendly and enthusiastic. Kevin, who runs the competition, is so nice and responsive. I called him to ask a question and he called me back within an hour and addressed every one of my questions with patience and good humor. Oh, by the way, he was at one of his competitions with over 400 dances at the time he returned my call. Amazing to me. Best of all, a portion of your dancers competition fees go to your favorite charity. I like this about it best of all. My dancers and I feel like we are giving back and that the weekend is not all about us. I highly recommend this competition.
re: Competition reviews please!
By SammyBeth
On 07/29/2013 14:35:55
You should check out Dance Competiton Hub. I have found it to be helpful! :)

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