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Pushy parents from teachers point of view??
By majicdancer Comments: 1069, member since Sun Nov 04, 2007
On Sun Jul 28, 2013 01:56 PM

My friend and i teach a small dance class an our kids have started competing now.

We have some great supportive parents that just let us do out jobs and teach their kids and these kids love o dance and are practicing outside of class and winning at comps.

Then we have some other parents who refuse to believe that anything their. Children do could be improved on. We had a comp today an one mum actually shouted at us saying they cant stand how their kids didnt get through and in doing this slagged off one of the other dancers in the class that did get through. Obviously we told her that was out of order and she shouldn't say it and spent a log time calming the mum down telling her that sometimes you win other times u don't it can be down to luck sometimes of being seen on the floor etc. she comes to class very week and as thy live far away they don't go home and leave the kids alone to be taught they stay there. When the are in the hall the kids do nothin but ignore us and go and talk to their parents who are criticising what they have just been taught and telling them they are doing it right and that the others are all wrong.

I dont know what to do how to handle this situation the kids of these problem parents are constantly being told its all about winning not having fun so when they don't get through they get very upset ad it spoils the day. They also wont cheer on their fellow dancers when the others all cheer them on. Whenever they don't do well the parents have been telling them the comp is fixed etc.

Does anyone have any experience of this situation or some advice you could give me as to what to do as its not fair on the other kids or me and my friend teaching. We do a lot for the kids like free extra classes before a comp always bring sweets for doing well award dancer of the week trophies every week but it feels like a kick in the teeth when parents act like this.