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Reverse Leaps and Axels Help Please
By kr_WDance Comments: 158, member since Mon Aug 05, 2013
On Fri Sep 20, 2013 06:04 AM

Hi all,

I want to be really clear on these two moves. I've looked at some youtube videos but not sure.

Reverse (Surprise) Leaps . . .

- I start with a triplet, step, step, leap. I'm wondering when you guys flip the hips? Do you developpe forward like a regular front saute de chat and then flip in the air? Do you flip simultaneously as you do a backwards developpe? Are there any tips for getting that split up in the air?

Also, I know regular axels, but I've heard you can do ones where the bottom leg goes into back attitude. I'm wondering how this is possible. Are they talking about a regular back attitude with a lifted knee, or just folding your leg up behind you instead of in front of you Anyone have a video of this or can describe it to me?