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Accomplishments in my 30s (karma: 1)
By buckeye2 Comments: 3679, member since Sat Jan 01, 2005
On Wed Oct 23, 2013 01:02 PM

I really did not want to turn thirty this year, but seeing has the world didn't end before then, turning thirty was inevitable. Thus, I have made it my mission to start doing things I've always wanted/needed to do.

I started out by going to the doctor on my 30th birthday. I hadn't been since college. I was able to get treated for my anxiety so I could live more normally and had my first PAP test. While most people would think that it was insane to do that to yourself on your birthday, I saw it as a new start.

2 months later, I got married :)

After feeling much more normal with my anxiety under control, I took up gymnastics at my local gym. They offer an adult class and hold 7 week sessions. While I won't be in the olympics any time soon, it is something I have always wanted to try! And I didn't die. So that's good.

Tomorrow I start horseback riding lessons for a 4 week sesson. We have a farm, and I've tried talking my husband into getting horses, but he said no. I tried every animal down to a barn cat, and all were vetoed. But he sells hay to a stable down the road, so I figured that if I can't own one (and really, I probably shouldn't since I know nothing about them), learning to ride without the work of shoveling horse poop would be the best option.

I've also managed to accomplish finding a great chiropractor. I've never been to one, but was refered to a great one after I turned 30 and my back started hurting. (Although I imagine my back started hurting because I abused it by spotting a 2 h tumbling clinic)

But today was the worst "accomplishment" of my 30s... I went to the dentist and my first cavity ever was discovered!

This year has sure been a whirlwind of new, exciting, and terrifying experiences! And I'm only 6 months through...

Here's to embracing all that 30 offers - good or bad!

What memories will you always remember about your 30th?

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re: Accomplishments in my 30s
By Euphoriamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 1909, member since Mon Dec 05, 2005
On Wed Oct 23, 2013 02:06 PM
I bought myself a Chloe bag whilst tipsy on champagne from the harrods champagne bar. The champagne bar bit has been repeated a few times since without the frivolous bag buying! I'm not made of money.... Sadly.

On a constructive front I got myself out of a miserable job situation and found myself an amazing one!

So far, my 30's has been so much better than my 20's ever was. I'm more settled, less anxious, more sure of who I am and just generally happier. I was terrified of being 30 but I really think it rocks!

And to anyone else who doesn't get regular smears or who have never had one.... Get your butt down to the doctors for one ASAP! Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers for women in our age group and it is also the most treatable and preventable.
re: Accomplishments in my 30s
By MarlaSingermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 3906, member since Fri Jul 25, 2008
On Thu Oct 24, 2013 06:38 AM
I was a newlywed on my 30th birthday - We had just gotten married about 3 weeks prior, and we had only returned from our honeymoon 2 weeks prior. On top of that, we were in the process of moving from an apartment to a rental house, so we were super busy getting everything ready for that. So with all of that going on, my birthday more or less got overlooked by everyone, myself included. I remember being at work on my birthday and glancing at the calendar throughout the day and kind of being surprised each time to realize that it was my birthday. In all fairness, though, my husband and I did go out to dinner, and my parents took me out somewhere that weekend. But I guess I just always expected my 30th to be a bigger deal. Guess if I wanted that to happen, I should've picked a different wedding date!