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In Jazz Ballet do you have to do cartwheels?
By cookie___xD Comments: 1, member since Mon Jan 13, 2014
On Mon Jan 13, 2014 01:16 PM

I've done Jazz Funk and we never had to do cartwheels there because it's hip hop and jazz. I have never able to do one and I'm scared if you do I'm just going to embarrass myself. If you do could someone please teach me and help me. Thanks a lot.

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re: In Jazz Ballet do you have to do cartwheels?
By mishakiss Comments: 20, member since Fri Jun 14, 2013
On Mon Jan 13, 2014 02:59 PM
The answer is maybe. I know it's not satisfying but the truth is it's different everywhere. It depends on the studio and the teacher. If you only want to do it recreationally, you probably won't have to do it. I started jazz ballet half a year ago and although our team goes to competitions, we haven't sone any cartwheels in class or on stage. I,myself, can't do a cartwheel but I've also learned that many of the girls I take class with can't either. Jazz does require some arm strength, so you ahould work on that. You dodn't give a lot of details but if you are going to take an adult class, I am 99% sure you won't have to do cartwheel. They are much more common in children's classes, especially under 10 years.

Juat remember the most important thing is to have fun and evenif you don't enjoy jazz ballet, you can always give it up. As for teaching you how to do a cartwheel, there are plenty of detailed tutorials on YouTube, just search. Good luck!